The Journey Begins

Willful: deliberate, voluntary or intentional

Welcome to Willful Distinction.

This is where we are sharing our lives as we take steps to leave the life of the average American for a more simple and healthy way to be.

As I write this, we’re living in a village of about 5000 people. Basically a suburb. When we look out the windows our view consists of mostly public property. In fact, from our front yard we can see 4 schools, a public pool and a church. The hum of the highway can be heard all hours of the day.

To some, this is the place to be. The kids can walk to the park, pool or school without worry. There’s very little crime and for the most part, the neighbors are pleasant. It’s less than 5 miles to get into the city where they can pick a different restaurant for dinner every day of the month.

This just isn’t for us though. We want LESS. Less traffic, noise and oversight. There’s just too many people, too many cars and too many rules.

So this is our story. Every step of the way. All of our victories and all of our mistakes.

We hope you enjoy it.

Bobbie & Shannon